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In order to start an interactive PyFerret session on one of the login nodes, you can use the command pyferret to start the PyFerret interpreter.

[sfux@eu-login-04 ~]$ module load gcc/4.8.2 pyferret/1.0.2
Autoloading openblas/0.2.13_seq
[sfux@eu-login-04 ~]$ pyferret 
    WARNING: Unable to import shapefile;
             shapefile_* Ferret functions will not be added.
    WARNING: Unable to import ESMP;
             curv2rect* Ferret functions will not be added.
             Use curv_to_rect* functions instead
        FERRET v6.9 (PyFerret 1.0.2)
        Linux 2.6.32-431.5.1.el6.euler.x86_64 - 07/16/14
        27-Jan-17 13:11     


Please note that computations cannot be run on the login nodes and need to be submitted as batch jobs.