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STAR-CCM+ is a CFD software for solving problems involving flow (of fluids or solids), heat transfer and stress.

How to submit a job

To submit a job on 96 cores in the queuing system, for set-up named casename.sim, use:
sbatch --ntaks=128 --time=5-0 --job-name=JobName --wrap "/cluster/apps/starccm/17.06.008/17.06.008-R8/STAR-CCM+17.06.008-R8/star/bin/starccm+ \
     -power -podkey value -batchsystem slurm -rsh ssh -batch-report -batch casename.sim

To build a mesh in batch mode (e.g. using 24 cores for set-up named casename.sim), use the following syntax:

sbatch --ntasks=24 --time=12:00:00 --wrap="/cluster/apps/starccm/17.06.008/17.06.008-R8/STAR-CCM+17.06.008-R8/star/bin/starccm+ \
     -power -podkey value -batchssytem slurm -rsh ssh -batch mesh casename.sim
Please make sure that you are using the -batchsystem slurm and -rsh ssh options.

License information

STAR-CCM+ is a commercial software. If you would like to use it on Brutus or Euler, you will have to provide your own Power On Demand (POD) license. The license server which will be used to check out features is



Setting your POD key

Your personal Power on Demand key will be provided by your cd-adapco account manager. You can supply the value when submitting your job using:

-podkey value <--- replace value with your POD key

alternatively, you can set the LM_PROJECT variable to point to your POD key

export LM_PROJECT=value <--- replace value with your POD key
e.g. by including the following line in the .bashrc file in your home directory


For STAR-CCM+, there is the possibility to use a server/client setup for the visualization of the results.


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