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To submit a job on 96 cores in the queuing system, for set-up named casename.sim, use:

sbatch --ntaks=128 --time=5-0 --job-name=JobName --wrap "/cluster/apps/starccm/17.06.008/17.06.008-R8/STAR-CCM+17.06.008-R8/star/bin/starccm+ \
     -power -podkey value -batchsystem slurm -rsh ssh -batch-report -batch casename.sim

To build a mesh in batch mode (e.g. using 24 cores for set-up named casename.sim), use the following syntax:

sbatch --ntasks=24 --time=12:00:00 --wrap="/cluster/apps/starccm/17.06.008/17.06.008-R8/STAR-CCM+17.06.008-R8/star/bin/starccm+ \
     -power -podkey value -batchssytem slurm -rsh ssh -batch mesh casename.sim

Please make sure that you are using the -batchsystem slurm and -rsh ssh options.