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Migration to Ubuntu
As already announced, the operating system of Euler will be migrated to Ubuntu by the end of June 2024. Please check your workflows in the Ubuntu environment on Euler.

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Most recent software installations

Twenty most recent software installations. The list is based on the last modification time of the module files.

Euler new software stack (see complete list):
jemalloc/5.3.0 (gcc 9.3.0)
jemalloc/4.5.0 (gcc 9.3.0)
jemalloc/5.3.0 (gcc 11.4.0)
jemalloc/4.5.0 (gcc 11.4.0)
giflib/5.1.4 (gcc 11.4.0)
emacs/29.3 (gcc 8.2.0)
emacs/29.3 (gcc 6.3.0)
emacs/29.3 (gcc 4.8.5)
gtkplus/2.24.32 (gcc 11.4.0)
xrandr/1.5.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
shared-mime-info/1.10 (gcc 11.4.0)
gdk-pixbuf/2.31.4 (gcc 11.4.0)
atk/2.22.0 (gcc 11.4.0)
fcl/0.7.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
libccd/2.1 (gcc 8.2.0)
abaqus/2023 (intel 2022.1.2)
abaqus/2023 (intel 19.1.0)
blender/3.4.1 (Core)
gdal/3.5.3 (gcc 11.4.0)
libgeotiff/1.7.1 (gcc 11.4.0)

python_gpu/3.11.6 (gcc 11.4.0)
json-c/0.13.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
dlib/19.22 (gcc 8.2.0)
julia/1.10.2 (Core)
opencv/4.8.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
proj/8.2.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
fastani/1.33 (gcc 8.2.0)
mash/2.3 (gcc 8.2.0)
capnproto/0.10.2 (gcc 11.4.0)
capnproto/0.10.2 (gcc 8.2.0)
xcb-util-renderutil/0.3.10 (gcc 11.4.0)
glfw/3.3.8 (gcc 11.4.0)
ltrace/0.7.3 (gcc 9.3.0)
ltrace/0.7.3 (gcc 8.2.0)
ltrace/0.7.3 (gcc 6.3.0)
ltrace/0.7.3 (gcc 11.4.0)
ltrace/0.7.3 (gcc 4.8.5)
elfutils/0.189 (gcc 8.2.0)
elfutils/0.189 (gcc 6.3.0)
elfutils/0.189 (gcc 4.8.5)

List of recently installed software has been updated on Mon Apr 29 14:44:32 CEST 2024