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  • 26 Feb 2024 — We will do a migration of our web authentication system during the day. You might suffer from small interruptions on our Suggestion Box and Slurm Jobs WebGUI.
  • 29 Jan 2024 — New monitoring tool to improve the cluster usage
  • 25 Jan 2024 — Euler IX is now available
  • 10 Jan 2024 — The wiki is now editable by everyone (with a review from us before publishing)
  • 20 Nov 2023 — Early release of Slurm Jobs WebGUI
  • 26 Oct 2023 — New mailing list for Euler related news and announcements: Cluster News
  • 23 Aug 2023 — Best Practices:
    Some recommendations on how to use the cluster most efficiently, which will reduce the stress on the system and speedup your throughput of jobs by improving your workflow.
  • 13 Jun 2023 — Cloud Service for Jupyterhub, RStudio and VSCode on Euler:
    We provide several cloud services through Jupyterhub, which allow to run Jupyter, RStudio and VSCode directly on Euler
  • 18 Mar 2022 — Using MPI on Euler:
    For running MPI jobs on Euler some configuration settings are required, which are documented on this wiki page.


Most recent software installations

Twenty most recent software installations. The list is based on the last modification time of the module files.

Euler new software stack (see complete list):
r/4.3.2 (gcc 11.4.0)
pango/1.42.4 (gcc 11.4.0)
libxft/2.3.8 (gcc 11.4.0)
fribidi/1.0.12 (gcc 11.4.0)
gobject-introspection/1.56.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
harfbuzz/2.9.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
avizotogo/2022.1 (Core)
amira/2022.1 (Core)
energyplus/9.4.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
nextflow/23.10.0 (intel 19.1.0)
nextflow/23.10.0 (gcc 11.4.0)
nextflow/23.10.0 (gcc 8.2.0)
nextflow/23.10.0 (gcc 6.3.0)
nextflow/23.10.0 (gcc 4.8.5)
openmolcas/23.10 (gcc 8.2.0)
uprof/4.1.424 (Core)
comsol/6.2 (Core)
rocm-smi-lib/5.7.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
rocm-cmake/5.7.1 (gcc 11.4.0)
rocm-core/5.7.1 (gcc 11.4.0)

libidn2/2.3.4 (intel 2022.1.2)
libunistring/1.1 (intel 2022.1.2)
libxml2/2.10.3 (intel 2022.1.2)
xz/5.4.1 (intel 2022.1.2)
libtool/2.4.7 (intel 2022.1.2)
libiconv/1.17 (intel 2022.1.2)
automake/1.16.5 (intel 2022.1.2)
autoconf/2.71 (intel 2022.1.2)
m4/1.4.17 (intel 2022.1.2)
libsigsegv/2.14 (intel 2022.1.2)
perl/5.38.0 (intel 2022.1.2)
gdbm/1.23 (intel 2022.1.2)
berkeley-db/18.1.40 (intel 2022.1.2)
readline/8.2 (intel 2022.1.2)
zlib/1.3 (intel 2022.1.2)
bzip2/1.0.8 (intel 2022.1.2)
cmake/3.26.3 (intel 2022.1.2)
ncurses/6.4 (intel 2022.1.2)
pkgconf/1.9.5 (intel 2022.1.2)
googletest/1.12.1 (gcc 9.3.0)

List of recently installed software has been updated on Thu Feb 8 11:54:11 CET 2024