Setting up a software stack for research group

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Research groups that own a project share on the Euler cluster have the possibility to setup their own software stack, which can then be shared within the group. They can also setup their own modules to manage such a software stack.


We recommend that you create the subdirectories apps and modules in your project share. In the apps directories, you would then manage the software stack, whereas the modules subdirecotry would be used the manage your own modules.

[leonhard@euler00 ~]$ mkdir /cluster/project/leonhard/apps
[leonhard@euler00 ~]$ chown leonhard:leonhard-group /cluster/project/leonhard/apps

Here you would need to replace leonhard by the name of your project share. We recommend that you use the following naming scheme to manage the applications in your software stack:


If you plan to install your own version of Python, such a structure could look like:


This is also the naming scheme that we use in /cluster/apps