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The functionality of Stata can be extended by adding more packages. Please find here the instructions on how to install additional Stata packages:

  1. Login to Euler
  2. Load the required modules with: module load new stata/13
  3. Then type stata, to open an interactive Stata session on the command line. Then you can enter all the commands (marked in bold font).
  4. After installing the packages you can type exit to close the interactive Stata session.
[sfux@eu-login-01 ~]$ module load new stata/13
[sfux@eu-login-01 ~]$ stata

  ___  ____  ____  ____  ____ (R)
 /__    /   ____/   /   ____/
___/   /   /___/   /   /___/   13.1   Copyright 1985-2013 StataCorp LP
  Statistics/Data Analysis            StataCorp
                                      4905 Lakeway Drive
                                      College Station, Texas 77845 USA
                                      979-696-4601 (fax)
x-user Stata network perpetual license:
       Serial number:  xxxxxxxxxxxx
         Licensed to:  xxxxx
      1.  Command line editing enabled
Note:  Your site can add messages to the introduction by editing the file
       stata.msg in the directory where Stata is installed.
running /cluster/apps/stata/13/x86_64/ ...
set processors allowed only with Stata/MP.

. set httpproxyhost
(set httpproxyhost preference recorded) 

. set httpproxyport 3128
(set httpproxyport preference recorded) 

. set httpproxy on
(set httpproxy preference recorded)

. ssc install estout
checking estout consistency and verifying not already installed...
installing into /cluster/home/leonhard/ado/plus/...
installation complete.

. exit
[sfux@eu-login-01 ~]$

When you start stata the next time, estadd, estout, estpost, eststo and esttab are available and can be used within .do files or in interactive sessions.