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As a user asked how to select specific CPUs and GPUs (OTRS 18435192), I realized that we do not have a list of possible combinations, so I made one:

$ lshosts -gpu -w|awk 'NR>1 && NF==6 {print $1,$3}'|while read h g; do c=$(lshosts -w $h|awk "/$h/{print \$3}"); echo $c $g; done|sort|uniq -c|awk '{printf "%-16s %-20s  %3d\n",$2,$3,$1}'
EPYC_7742        GeForceRTX2080Ti       48
EPYC_7742        TITANRTX               16
XeonE5_2630v4    GeForceGTX1080          9
XeonE5_2630v4    GeForceGTX1080Ti       47
XeonE5_2630v4    GeForceRTX2080Ti       15
XeonE5_2698v4    TeslaV100_SXM2_32GB     3
XeonGold_6240    GeForceRTX2080Ti       12
XeonGold_6240R   --                      2
XeonGold_6240R   GeForceRTX2080Ti       20
XeonGold_6240R   TeslaV100_SXM2_32GB     1

The last column indicates the number of nodes for each combination.