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tmux is an alternative to screen. They are both terminal multiplexers which allow to manage multiple terminals within a single window.

tmux is available within the modules, so you will need to load it before being able to use it (module load tmux).

Command Description
tmux Start a tmux session.
CTRL+b -> D Detach session (exit tmux without killing the terminal)
tmux ls List all the available sessions
tmux attach -t 0 Attach tmux to session 0
CTRL+b -> % Split the window in two vertical screens
CTRL+b -> " Split the window in two horizontal screens
CTRL+b -> [UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT] Move between screens
CTRL+b -> x Kill current screen
CTRL+b -> c Create a new window
CTRL+b -> [p, n] Move between previous / next window
CTRL+b -> [0, ..., 9] Move between to a given window number
CTRL+b -> : Run a command with tmux (e.g. ls for tmux ls)
CTRL+b -> ? Show all available commands
CTRL+b -> w Open the screen / window navigation panel