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You can submit a tophat job in batch mode with the following command:

sbatch [Slurm options] --wrap="tophat [tophat options] <genome_index_base> <reads1_1[,...,readsN_1]> [reads1_2,...readsN_2]"

Here you need to replace [tophat options] with tophat command line options (please run tophat -h for getting a list of all command line options) and [Slurm options] with Slurm parameters for the resource requirements of the job. Please find a documentation about the parameters of sbatch on the wiki page about the batch system. Please have a look at for more information about the input files (<genome_index_base> <reads1_1[,...,readsN_1]> [reads1_2,...readsN_2]) that are required for running tophat.